“I have been very impressed by Tara’s warmth and compassion as well as her sophisticated knowledge, skills, and abilities to help my body heal.  I would recommend her to anyone looking for a high performing  professional who really knows and loves her work.”  Elizabeth Jones

I felt more space and way less tension in the tight side (of my body).  I can still feel the effect (days later). I am amazed.  Really.  Thanks so much.” –  Moira Scascitelli (Pilates Instructor and former professional athlete)

“I slept through the night … for the first time since being pregnant.  Wow.  Thank you.”  – Allison Sales  (new mom)

“I started taking Pilates 2 years ago with Tara and have found it the perfect way to build my strength and work out any niggling strains or soreness I was experiencing.  Tara knows what she is doing and takes special care to target exercise to my needs while working to improve my core strength and flexibility.  I have found the sessions instructive and challenging and I cannot recommend Tara highly enough.”   – Cheryl Rubuliak

“I’ve been active and competitive most of my life and have managed to keep at it in spite of injuries, including ACL reconstruction surgery on both knees. However, at some point, I had to give up my knee pads and tennis racquet because I was in pain more than I was having fun. My physio was constantly reminding me to work on my core muscles because they weren’t engaging, hence, the  back problems. I started with Tara in 2013, and although they were only weekly session, I now have a better understanding of my body and know how to activate my core muscles and be less reliant on my big muscles.  I love training with Tara because she manages to work with you personally even in a group situation. She shows you how to correctly do the exercises and points out which muscles should be engaging. Who would have known that I too have a transversus abdominus! Working with Tara has allowed me to return to competitive sports, which is a real bonus when you’re over 50.” – R. Cogswell

“I look forward to Tara’s pilates class every Tuesday.  She is a fun and enthusiastic instructor who understands and accommodates all the varying levels of fitness in the class.  She is approachable and her description of each exercise makes it easy to follow along and ensure that it’s done right.  I recommend her class to all of my coworkers! ” – Jasmyn C.  (Corporate class participant)

“To begin with, Tara Wilson is absolutely delightful. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about fitness and health.  She is skilled instructor and genuinely enjoys sharing her passion with her students.  Her classes are challenging but not intimidating. She encourages everyone to listen to their bodies and work within their limitations, so as never to overextend or injury oneself. She always provides options and alternatives. Her classes are effective and I always feel so much better having done one. I highly recommend Tara to anyone wanting to take up Pilates. She is awesome!” – Mel S. (Corporate class participant)

“Thank you again for yesterdays session.  I felt safe, held and you listened to my body! I feel great today!” Suvali Zekas.  Certified Yoga and Pilates Instructor